Semiconductor and Optics Experts

“Growth” is the key word when it comes to the semiconductor industry in 2020. No matter the size of your business, your place in the market, or your plans for the future, you will need talent in order to remain competitive and take advantage of this exciting time.

The semiconductor market will see big gains in 2020 with the rise of 5G. The implementation and deployment of the 5G network will promote recovery in the wireless industry, not only because of the renewed growth it will bring to the industry, but also due to the wider benefits that this wireless technology will bestow on global businesses and economies.

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GNR’s dedicated semiconductor and optics recruiters of GNR place technical, professional, managerial and executive talent for organizations in the following areas:

  • Controllers – Internet of Things (IoT) controllers market is booming worldwide.
  • Deposition – The demand for semiconductor CVD equipment is increasing owing to the growing demand for semiconductor lasers.
  • Design Software (EDA) – Growing demand for advanced electronic devices with complex designs, and the need to reduce the size while improving the performance of integrated circuits (ICs), are pushing IC manufacturers to increase their R&D investments and adopt EDA tools.
  • Discrete & Passive Components – IoT is essentially connecting electronic devices to the internet, and thereby facilitating data transfer over a wireless (or wired) network. The devices needed for this technology should have actuators and sensors that play the key role in mobile sensing and ensuring that the technology delivers efficient performance.
  • Etch – Advancement in technology is boosting the market of integrated circuits that is, in turn, fueling the market of plasma etch.
  • Factory Automation and Control – Industrial technologies such as robotics, cloud, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) are becoming increasingly pervasive.
  • Flexible & Hybrid Electronics – Whether it is sensors, OLED displays, and lighting, in-mold electronics, printed heaters or other applications, the market is expected to witness massive opportunities for flexible electronics in the automotive industry.
  • Inverters – Significant growth market in the U.S. for batteries and battery back-up, with recent preemptive power outages.
  • LCD Displays – There has been significant investment in OLED display manufacture from panel makers. The investment is coming from the need to differentiate products with better screens and new form factors, with plastic based OLEDs being the norm (in rigid format) leading to foldable displays.
  • Memory – DRAM is the single biggest sector in semiconductors, which also includes processors, storage, sensors and other circuits. DRAM chips are important waypoints to store data when a computer is turned on. The more DRAM, the faster a computer.
  • MEMS – The consumer market will continue to drive volume, with applications such as smartphones making up for in volume what they lack in average selling price (ASP). Stronger demand in automotive, biomedical/health, industrial, and voice-first applications (such as smart speakers) will support this upward trajectory.
  • Metrology/Inspection – Most manufacturers looking to automate metrology are in search of a better way to handle inspection tasks and, in turn, be more efficient and profitable.
  • Optoelectronics – The increasing demand in the automotive industry specifically with the increase in the adoption of electric vehicles, self-driven trucks, and autonomous vehicles is expected to boost the usage of optoelectronic devices which would further drive the market.
  • Processor and Logic – A dedicated chip for gaming phones sound like a pipedream, but demand appears to be growing.
  • Semiconductor Capital Equipment – The proliferation of semiconductor fabs is increasing the overall semiconductor capacity, thereby driving the demand for semiconductor capital equipment.
  • Wafers – Silicon wafer remains the core component of many microelectronic devices and forms the cornerstone of the electronics industry. With digitization and electronic mobility being the current trends in the technology landscape, these products are finding applications in a multitude of devices.


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