Some of the Best Opportunities Find You!

Your success is personal to you, and it is personal to Global Network Recruiting. We understand any career move can have a significant impact on your life – and the lives of your family members. We form real relationships with our talent, and we work to understand the unique motivations driving your desire to make a change. GNR NEVER submits your information to an organization without having discussed a position thoroughly!

Individual attention is not the only reason to choose GNR as your placement firm. The best and brightest choose GNR because we provide:

  • Direct communication – we don’t believe in lip service; we are honest, direct and candid with candidates
  • Exceptional opportunities at some of the most prestigious hi-tech and manufacturing companies in the world
  • Confidentiality throughout your search so you stay secure in your current role
  • Influence in the industries we serve; when we tell a client we have someone they should meet – they listen
  • In-depth profiles on each employer and role we present so you can make informed career decisions
  • Ongoing support from resume refinement, to interview preparation, to salary negotiation

Check out our Resume Writing Guide and Interview Prep Guide in the “Resources” tab!

What to Expect From GNR

Global Network Recruiting doesn’t work with just anyone. Our hiring process is stringent, allowing us to match you with the right opportunity at exactly the right time.

  •  Consultation. You will have an in depth conversation with a GNR recruiter to “pre-interview” you to review your experience, interests and career goals. We get to know you beyond your resume, so we can make an accurate match.
  •  Coaching. When one of our clients has an opportunity that may interest you, we will present it to you for consideration. If you are interested in pursuing the role, your recruiter will coach you and support you through each step of the interview process. (we’ve been told by clients that our candidates couldn’t be better prepared going into an interview!).
  •  Negotiations. When an offer is extended, your recruiter will help ensure the compensation package meets your needs and expectations.
  •  Support. We are here to help you transition into your new role, and your recruiter is always available to answer questions, address concerns or help you work through challenges.