GNR Donation – our success in 2021 allows us to pay it forward

Happy New Year!  GNR had a fabulous 2021 and we are grateful to our clients throughout the country who utilized our services – THANK YOU and we look forward to partnering with you in 2022!

Our success last year allowed us to pay it forward ->


The problem is how do you determine the best organization to donate to?  There are so many organizations that do great things in the world!  Our team brainstormed options – Veterans Organizations, Cancer Research, Animal Shelters, and the like.


Since some of us have teenagers that are prepping for college & GNR represents technology-based organizations across the globe, it seemed fitting that we chose to support an organization that relates to what we know best. We researched how donations are allocated, what their success rate is, how their business are run, etc…

We ended up choosing the Society for Science ( This 100-year-old foundation promotes STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) education and initiatives for our youth!



“Thank you, GNR.  Your generous gift to Society for Science will provide the resources to build a more informed public through the award-winning science journalism of Science News magazine, inspire tomorrow’s science leaders through our world-class educational programs and STEM competitions, and create more opportunities through STEM with our equity and outreach programs.

With your involvement, we put the power and wonder of science into everyone’s hands.”

We look forward to having a banner year and choosing another organization in 2023.  If you have thoughts or suggestions, feel free to share who and why so that I can add them to our list for consideration!


Thank you again and have a great 2022!