The most frustrating resume writing error is soo obvious….

Written by Nick Thompson, our VP of Recruiting for hi-tech industries for over 15 years. He has seen thousands of resumes. Here are his thoughts…

…yet 75% of people make the same mistake!

We all know that a recruiter, HR person, hiring manager, or anyone that screens resumes, has limited time to look at the resume to decide if the person is worth talking to. Making your resume as easy to read as possible increases your chances of being noticed.

One constant thorn in my side while looking at resumes is:


People are happy to list the company name and title and even some duties, but expect me to magically know what that company does!

How am I to know that you work for a company that is a manufacturer of widgets that specifically go into semiconductor equipment? Or work for a conglomerate with soo many different products and services that span industries that I truly have no idea!

I don’t want to have to Google the company to find out what product/service you were dealing with! I don’t have the time!

It is amazing that some of the worst offenders of this are from Sales people. Good job buddy on making 125% quota! WHAT ARE YOU SELLING?????

Bonus tip: Not only what is your product/service, but who is this product/service for??